A Special Energy of Mind and Body

Thank you for delivering Bro. Billy on so many levels that we still have yet to see with your unique demonstration of giving love for life.  Thank you for sharing your bright smile and contagious laughter.  Your business acumen exceeded your peers and you posseded an understanding that your peers would undoubted be able support your brilliance.

It is a groove to know you and whenever I run into those who also know you they always express nothing but pleasure to have walked in your space of life.  You gave more in half a common life span than those who live for more than a 100 years.

It was impressive to see you buy and drive an older Mercedes Benz long before everyone in our set realized the value in vintage.  I loved your ability to take an old liquor in Compton and place your special brand of enthusiasm and pride of owenership on it.

Stay the course.  I am sure you will soon be doing it again.

Much Love,