Soul Conveyor

Hello incarnate soul conveyor,

It has been more than a year since you continued on your journey and I am wondering how those times that preceded me on planet earth were.  Your planetary existence lasted eighty-eight years and surely that is something to write home about.  Without question time represents something very special, even though it is what you do with that time that exceeds any measurable value.

Too often I feel myself struggling to make sense of purpose even though there are many who depend upon my services and mental muscle.   A job is not enough for me as the monetary reward is crude in proper acknowledge to the wonderment of life itself.  Money in itself works, but the shadow that it casts over others that see you with it makes me cringe inside, as they approach you as if money is the contributor and human expression of the person is an ancillary bi-product.  Direct employment bank deposits truly support families, but it does not fully complement the daily input of self worth.

Sure, a work benefit that includes a pension gives security in later years, but the sense of worth as a human contributor hardly seems like a fair exchange.  Maybe we are not expected to do a lot and live upon the fat of the land.  Is it possible that ambition for making stuff go faster and to create things that modernize activities is a departure from our authentic purpose?  Undoubtedly not, as if the soul of man did not produce more things the evolution of digital technology, for example, and this writing into cyberspace that I do enjoy, would be non existent.

However, some times I sit in my office intently looking at the wall photo of Tim Moore, the actor who portrayed Kingfish on the Amos ‘n Andy television show and think why does his outstanding contributions to comedy go without historical value.  We can safely assume that his work contributions were compensated with a monetary paycheck, nonetheless, the legacy of phenomenal work product goes unacknowledged in the Hollywood star books, as he and his fellow cast members are ignored as innovators and pioneers of the inception of televised situation comedies.  Even though their work preceded Lucy, Joan, and Gracy on the small screen.

As you readily know, money does not carry over in time travel as you were required to leave yours behind and gratefully with your family survivors.  Thus, a legacy to life is not a paycheck, but obliviously more related to contributions.  Well duh, we all know this but we do not seem to practice it until we get some money, then we want to share it to leave it to some charitable cause.  The overwhelming challenge is that in this country (perhaps the world) only 1% ever obtains enough wealth to freely contribute.  The remaining 99% have to squeak by living from check to check until their time travel occurs.

Animals appear to get it straight on, as they only exist within their creator’s design and do not attempt to deviate, until man meddles with their world with some high level behavioral experiments.  That notwithstanding, animals work within themselves to stay true to self.  Like the wild beast, I am working on being true to self and every day I seek to stay within the realm of the creator’s original design that surely came with love.

Stay strong Mom,



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